Dec 10, 2013

Katy Perry is not ready to become a mother

Katy Perry wants to be a mother, but it was still not ready for that. Singer told about this in an interview with Marie Claire.

Famous singer, who is currently dating John Mayer does not want the relationship to plan now and make plans in advance. Cathy has recently experienced a painful break with her husband. As she confessed later, while she was so hard that she even thought about suicide.

Perry has made it clear that the 36-year-old hunk Mayer - limit her dreams: "He's just a terrific partner. I have long been crazy about him. He is very balanced and reliable, and I can assure you, this seasoned, mature relationship. "

Divorce with Russell Brand Katy fervor cause temporary break with Mayer. But it gave her the opportunity to understand and to get on its feet, "as if I was drenched with a glass of cold water. I just needed time to understand what I want. I realized that if you do not do something selfish, can not love yourself, you can not ever get the love that I need. "