Dec 14, 2013

Kate Moss sat on a detox diet for the filming of a men's magazine

Kate Moss  detox diet

For the filming of the 60th anniversary edition of men's magazine Playboy Kate Moss sat on a detox diet: within four days the British model only eat juices.

Note, Kate did it under the supervision of specialists in the clinic LifeCo in Turkey . Insider Publishing Daily Express reported details:

Moss flew to Turkey for a few days before the shoot, because I wanted to look perfect.

Strict diet The Master Detox assumed fruit and vegetable juices and the complete exclusion of solid products to cleanse the body of harmful toxins.

Nevertheless, as soon as shooting ended, Kate returned to London and relaxed at a party Playboy.

Insider British magazine Grazia said:

It was a crazy partying. After appearing on the dance floor Moss went to the VIP area, where the champagne flowed. Most of the time she chatted with Donatella Versace.

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Kate Moss Playboy magazine

Kate Moss Playboy magazine

Kate Moss Playboy magazine