Dec 30, 2013

Josh Hutcherson: I love Emma Watson. Dying to meet her

Currently, Josh Hutcherson is at the peak of fame: due to the work on the project "The Hunger Games", he received worldwide recognition. Actor travels around the world to present a new picture, attends photo shoots and gives a lot of interviews. So, at a recent show, he admitted that he feels affection for the star of the Harry Potter - Emma Watson.

I love Emma Watson. Dying to meet her.

Furthermore, Hutcherson added that tries to get in touch with his colleague:

I tried to get my manager to call Emma agent so that they can arrange a meeting. So far, that has not happened. But once that happens, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

According to Josh, no embarrassment and problems while dating with Watson not arise:

We're both actors, we understand each other's way of life, so that this knowledge could pass naturally.

Well, maybe, Emma, ​​and she does not mind to have a new acquaintance. Who knows?

Emma Watson

Josh Hutcherson