Dec 3, 2013

Jessica Hart was fired from Victoria's Secret because of Taylor Swift?

If you believe the press, talkativeness Jessica Hart played tricks on her: according to rumors, after the interview, which she gave to the afterparty show Victoria's Secret, the brand stopped her cooperation. It was in an interview about how to fit the format of the show Taylor Swift - one of the guest stars who spoke during the show.

Recall that a journalist's question about what could advertise Swift Victoria's Secret, Jessica replied:

Absolutely not. You know, of course it's a great singer, but, in my opinion, she was not in the format of Victoria's Secret. Oh, maybe I should not have said?

Obviously, however, should not have. According to the press, Hart dismissed: it no longer appears in the catalogs of the brand and will not participate in these shows. According to New York Times, brand management "in a rage" comment from 27-year-old Australian to the darling of the American public.

Not save Jessica and the fact that a few days after the ill-fated afterparty she tried to take back his words, saying:

I love Taylor Swift, and was delighted that she'll be performing on the show Victoria's Secret. What makes Taylor, and what we are doing - they are completely different things. I could never do what she is! She's a real rock star, and I have her very first album. Never would not say anything bad about her.

Swift itself the whole story does not comment, so we can only guess how she reacted to the decision of the brand dismiss Hart.