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Jennifer Aniston revealed the secrets of beauty regime

Jennifer Aniston revealed the secrets of her beauty regime. In the latest interview with Parade, she told all the details:

My beauty regimen is repeated every day: I wash my face, brush my teeth and jump in the shower. I have favorite tools that I use since then, when I was 20 years old. In particular, this moisturizing body lotion Aveeno. Also, I love the serum for hair, because I try not to wash them every day. I usually just moisten the hair and then do a light styling. And nanoshu sunscreen. No wear make-up.

Believe it or not, but the 44-year-old actress, who is co-owner of hair care lines Living Proof with your stylist Chris MacMillan, jealous of models:

think Gisele Bundchen hair is awesome. She is to be envied! And I love Kate Moss. She is always great hairstyle.

By the way, Jennifer told about his current bean:

I love this haircut. Hair just a little do not reach the ears. I wanted to shorten them! But I do it every two years. Always nice to try something new. We were on a photo shoot, and I just cut her hair required. I love to do something new and change everything, but in the end I still get bored on long hair. I think it's beautiful. Incidentally, when I review the individual series "Friends", I always know exactly which episode was filmed, but the length and color of my hair.

Well, thank you for Jennifer's beauty secrets.