Dec 10, 2013

Jennifer Aniston: ' feel like I'm 25 again now'

Over the years, it only gets more beautiful - this phrase about the Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, which a few months later it was 45 years.

Turned out that the actress is not worried about her age, moreover, she believes that her real happy life began Only after 40 years, and what confessed in a recent interview with Parade. Aniston also told its beauty, life, envy, and many other things.

About envy:

I believe that Gisele Bundchen amazing hair. Her mane and can envy. And I love Kate Moss, her hair always looks perfect.

About beauty:

I feel most beautiful when I'm next to Justin. And it does not depend on where we are and what time of day.

On the series "Friends":

Sometimes I watch TV and I found "Friends", then I stop to see some series, because many episodes I have already forgotten. This second kind of fun. Besides, I like knowing that I'm one of them.

About Life:

My life is fantastic. I'm really happy. At the moment I have so many projects on which work makes me feel excited. I am very happy and I am grateful to my fans. I just hope I can continue doing what they love me.

About the upcoming 45th anniversary: ​​

It would seem that there was nothing to worry about. And in 25 years, I really almost did not survive. It all started after 30, it was my most difficult period in life. It seemed to me that my beauty fades. But now, for me it does not matter, because I'm sure that with age can become luchshe.Govoryat that youth is only for the young, but I feel like I'm 25 again now. Only my body was better looking and more knowledge in your head. I live a wonderful life full, with lots of wonderful. I was very lucky.