Dec 23, 2013

Hope Tolokonnikova was set free

Participant punk band Pussy Riot Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was set free after his Minded Mary Alekhine, a difference of a few hours. Told husband Peter Hope Verzilov tweeted art group "War".

Senior Assistant Attorney Krasnoyarsk Territory Elena Pymonenko noted that Tolokonnikova amnestied not only as the mother of the minor, but also because the article itself "hooliganism" came under massive release.

Currently Hope has left the hospital in Krasnoyarsk, where she was transferred from prison in Saransk because hunger strike. Maria Alekhine said that he was going to go from Nizhny Novgorod to Krasnoyarsk to personally meet the "Oatmeal":

So, I'm flying there.

Maria Alekhine got your hands on the release of documents and leave the territory of the correctional institution Nizhny Novgorod, just a few hours ago. In a short time spent at liberty girl managed to give several interviews and held a press conference.