Dec 27, 2013

Health Day: Gwen Stefani with her son visited the dentist

Noting the Catholic Christmas, Gwen Stefani decided to take care of the health of his eldest son. No, do not think that the boy something terrible happened: a stellar mother took Kingston to the dentist.

Judging by the pictures that made the paparazzi, the son of singer did not worry about the trip to the dentist.

Also it should be noted that Stephanie, who will soon become a mother for the third time, looked amazing. The desire of some members of the fairer sex to womanhood can not stop even pregnancy. One of these women is a rock star. Even during the campaign to the doctor or the supermarket for groceries she prefers to wear high-heeled shoes.

In addition, Kingston looked no worse than his mother. Suppose it was a sports suit, but his hair looked a hundred. Not every Hollywood actor can boast of such an installation.

Gwen Stefani and son Kingston