Dec 1, 2013

founder Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Paul Crouch died

Paul Crouch died

On Saturday in the United States at the age of 79 years died, the founder of the Christian TV network Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Paul Crouch, reports citing Los Angeles Times. In October, while in Dallas, Texas, due to heart problems Crouch was hospitalized. Later he returned to California where he was under constant medical supervision.

Founded in 1973 Crouch TBN network in the 80s was considered the most popular religious network in the U.S.. Today is a California television company broadcasting via satellite 84 worldwide.

TBN Founder repeatedly accused of financial fraud, addiction to alcohol and, in the literal sense of the word, great riches. He was an advocate of prosperity gospel and often urged people to open their wallets for the "work of God", but for an extravagant lifestyle he and his wife are constantly criticized.

Paul Crouch was born March 30, 1934 in St. Joseph, in Missouri. In 1995 graduated from Central Bible Institute and Seminary in Springfield.