Dec 31, 2013

Florine (Secret Story 7): would she drew Bruno Mars in his nets?

If you believe the recent confessions of Florine finalist Secret Story 7, singer Bruno Mars would have succumbed to its charm and much more ...

If one believes the claims of Florine, it could be that the global super star Bruno Mars has fallen for her ... In other words, the interpreter of "Gorillaz" made the finalist Secret Story 7 his little "treasure".

In the bath blogger Jeremstar, the blonde, who was in love scalp Jamel recounts his first meeting with the singer: "I had the chance to meet Bruno Mars It's a story. crazy. concert I went to when I had no place and they made me go into the backstage to see him (unlike Tal and M. Pokora who, themselves, have been denied access Ed). Indeed, it may be there was a kiss but we mostly talked a lot (...). I had the honor of being in his single cell with him. There was reconciliations, I do not dévoilerais all. "

next? Florine prefer to keep to herself, probably because Bruno Mars has asked him to stay quiet (or not). Anyway, users openly mock this story they are likely to consider it invented from scratch

Florine SS7 would have kissed Bruno Mars. Yes yes ... She was photographed in it was true Jamel Filmography -. Lucia (@ JustPokofan) December 30, 2013
Florine secret story would have typed Bruno Mars. This is a big joke? It's as if Michael Jackson tapped Zaz. # # BrunoMars SS7 Filmography - Manon. (@ ManonShudder) December 30, 2013
Florine embracing Bruno Mars hm its meaning the invention of his life Filmography - Ta madre ♡ (@ princessiaSo) December 30, 2013
And you ... What do you think of these statements? Info or Mytho?