Dec 9, 2013

Fast and the Furious 7 will be released despite the death of Paul Walker

The director of Fast and the Furious 7 James Wang said that the tragic death of Paul Walker does not negate the release of the movie. He noted that the script will be finalized and tape rewritten.

He did not rule out the possibility that the real tragedy that happened to Paul Walker, is transferred and his character. How it will be solved technically - not yet completely clear. Editors can use real footage of the accident from the DVR, and can wreck cars peresnimut involving understudy.

Filming Fast and Furious 7 began in September of this year, the prime minister was appointed on July 11, 2014. However, due to the death of Walker's company Universal release date postponed indefinitely.

Recall actor Paul Walker was killed Nov. 30 in a car accident. Together with his friend Roger Rodas he returned from a charity evening organized by his foundation to benefit victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.