Dec 26, 2013

David Beckham: I have not told Victoria that she has recovered

Christmas holidays - a real test for those who are trying to stick to a diet. And celebrities danger posed by the festive table, too familiar. Is known for its harmony even Victoria Beckham triumph threaten overweight? Her husband David Beckham does not rule out such a possibility, albeit jokingly.

In an interview with football player asked whether he had ever affirmatively respond to the traditional woman's question - "Honey, I'm not too fat in this dress?". Unless, of course, it sets Victoria.

At this Beckham joked:

No, I never had to tell her this. But after Christmas - who knows ...

We, of course, hard to believe that Victoria at something may look too thick, but after the holidays, and the truth - who knows!

Especially because, apparently, the family of football during the holidays is accepted to arrange a truly massive feast, and it is quite logical, since Beckham family at large and the food they prepare for a personal chef.

By the way, David previously said he was going to appear before Christmas Child in the image of Santa Claus:

I had once dressed the Easter bunny, but there is no Santa. Maybe try this year, we'll see how it goes!

We are also very interested to see Beckham in the image of Santa: hope he or his wife will want to share pictures with fans!

David and Victoria Beckham