Dec 22, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he has a drinking problem

Hollywood actor Daniel Rerkliff, gained worldwide popularity for his role as Harry Potter, admitted that often abuse alcohol. In his words, the relationship began during the filming of one of the Harry Potter films.

According to the magazine GQ, Daniel became so dependent on alcohol that without it ceased to feel life.

"For several years I was obsessed with celebrity match the image, when in fact this style does not suit me" - tried to justify its reliance Radcliffe.

While the actor was friends with green snake, it just might not caught by paparazzi, but he narrowly avoided their cameras. Frank recognition to the fans, he said, should reinforce his desire to once and for all put an end to this addiction.

Improve results are already evident - Daniel again started seeing his beloved, with whom relations have collapsed through drunkenness and inadequate state drunk actor .

course, acting career, Daniel has no plans to terminate. Currently he works in one of Broadway shows, and then plans to return again in the cinema.

About his plans for the future actor Radcliffe said: "If I can grow Harry Potter, my role will be diverse and long film career, I have no one not reproach that the reason for my success - Baby luck ».

Meanwhile, tired of the role of small sorceress Hermione actress Emma Watson also is trying to get out all the familiar image: that" adult "role play, the star in a candid photoshoot.

itself the creator of the magical world writer JK Rowling has launched its own online gaming site.