Dec 9, 2013

Cher likes to wear wigs

The famous singer Cher was forced to throw his favorite orange wig.

Singer hit «Believe» was very upset when I found out that this thing is gone wardrobe. One of the assistants explained the loss of a wig that bred there insects, namely spiders.

Friend singer admitted publication National Enquirer: «employee responsible for wardrobe Cher wig thrown in the trash when I saw that not only climb wig large specimens, but also that they have laid eggs. She decided not to spend time cleaning the wig and threw it away. "

On hearing this, the actress and singer agreed actions assistant and asked to call a special service to control insects that they treated everyone else concert clothes.

Lately Cher became very often wear wigs not only for live performances, but also in everyday life. Despite the fact that it is quite normal "their" hair, the actress simply wants from time to time to change your style.

Previously, she wrote: "My real hair all over the place, they are long and dark, and nothing had happened . I just love wigs, and always loved. This is simply the easiest way to spice up my image. "