Dec 27, 2013

Carlos Santana met with homeless former colleague

Marcus Malone and Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana made a small Christmas miracle, came to the meeting with his former bandmate, whose home became the streets of Oakland, California.

Marcus Malone, who are homeless, could never meet more familiar with his stellar if it were not removed for his reportage journalists are KRON4, who worked on the transfer of people living on the street.

Man, the hero of reportage, told that once was a composer and even worked with legendary musician:

One time I was in the band Santana in his first blues band. And now I'm homeless and living on the street.

Carlos, which supports a variety of charitable organizations, could not remain indifferent to the dramatic history of one of the first musicians of his team. Along with the crew channel famous guitarist went to meet Marcus, who, as it turned out, became homeless after in 1969 spent some time in prison. Then his musical career came to an end, while at Santana began a sharp rise.

Carlos told me that a few years trying to find his friend and former colleague, who was in a group called Marcus the Magnificent, but could not find out what happened to him.

week ago workers channel contacted Santana and told him the story of Malone, then guitarist immediately went to Auckland, where he held a reunion. Men remembered the past and reconsider old photos, then Carlos promised to make every effort to help Marcus return to normal life.