Dec 19, 2013

Beyonce responded to questions about the standards of beauty and feminism

Beyonce last week presented a new album. It is noteworthy that the first time it was presented not as a collection of songs, but as a video series.

Around the album has a lot of disputes broke out, some even considered it feminist, especially since earlier Beyonce herself called herself a "modern feminist". Now the singer has refrained from making such statements, but does not hide the fact that the promise of the album associated with the ideas of feminism.

Eve was published on YouTube movie "Self-Titled" Part 2. Imperfection ", in which Beyoncé talks about what thoughts occupied her while working on the album. Thus, speaking about one of the videos, it explains its condemnation of any beauty contests and appearance standards:

Promise album is to look for the beauty in imperfection. Many girls are now seeking to win beauty contests, meet the standards. As a result they are starving, neglected family and loved ones are trying to meet the expectations of society, and finally get the trophy. And if it was worth it?

Star knows what he says, because she is a child took part in various competitions. his childhood photo with awards it has included in the movie.

singer's new album consists of 17 videos. says Beyonce, she always "seen better music than heard." Preview all clips are in the network, and the full version of the album can only be purchased in iTunes.