Dec 31, 2013

Beyonce: it is the wrath of NASA!

Beyonce: it is the wrath of NASA

XO in the first official song from his new album, Beyonce uses sounds from the crash of space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986, a diversion that NASA does not like at all.

This is a controversy that should come somewhat tarnish the huge success of her new album ...

While Beyonce a hit with its eponymous album released on December 13, the element of surprise worked, American singer 32 year old finds himself involved in a tricky business with NASA.

In the clip of his XO title, Beyonce begins the song with sounds from the crash of space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986. We can hear the voice of the retired officer Steve Nesbitt, which was recorded the day the shuttle exploded after taking off from the Kennedy Space Center. The disaster killed seven people. "Air traffic controllers monitor very carefully the situation," stated Steve Nesbitt at the time. "There apparently was a big failure." he added.

Some current and former NASA employees are very moved that Beyoncé has used this "sample" a few seconds to remind them of very bad memories, as in June Scobee Rodgers, the widow Commander Dick Scobee. The latter told ABC News that she is "disappointed". "The passage of the clip is a hard time for all those who have lost a limb in the accident." Has she said.

Given the controversy, Bey was quick to respond. "My thoughts are with the families of the victims. XO The song was recorded with the sincere intention to help these people and remind us that unexpected things can happen and it takes advantage of those we love." American singer said in a statement to the media.

These words be enough to make us forget his awkwardness? Not on!