Dec 22, 2013

Beyonce: I want to follow in the footsteps of Madonna!

Yesterday in New York, held a party in honor of the release of the new album of the same name Beyonce Beyonce. 

The singer arrived at the event in a black dress designer Tom Ford's spring collection of 2014 and jackboots with open cape.

Numerous directors of 17 video clips from the album also came to the party. Of course, fans of Beyonce, who won invitations to the radio, gathered to hear his wife Jay-Z.

Once guests watched all the videos, Beyonce climbed on stage to answer questions submitted by fans on Instagram.

32-year-old singer said that he personally selects each of the directors. On the question of why she opened the heart on a plate on the relationship with Jay-Z, Beyonce said:

I guard my personal life, I'm secretive, but after I became a mother, I realized that it is necessary to break the four walls seclusion. Now I feel free.

What, according to the singer, the audience to take away from the new album?

Take your flaws and all those features that make you interesting to other people.

What thinks Beyonce during work on the show?

The main goal - happiness ... When people come to my concerts, I want to give them a sense of hope.

The singer said that she wanted to make a record as a surprise gift to his fans. She thanked all members of the team for the music that they were silent, adding:

I was nervous as it was a huge risk. The purpose of the new album - not one hundred percent hit, but a demonstration of my development. I put it all fears, doubts. All what they have learned in 17 years. All embedded in Beyonce.

Where does the nickname Yonce, who named one of the songs? It was invented Beyonce producer The-Dream, when Justin Timberlake thump in the recording studio.

Speaking of idols, and life goals, the singer wants to become a "powerhouse" and follow in the footsteps of Madonna.