Dec 31, 2013

As it was, the wedding Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

In the network appeared the first photos from the wedding of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish made by a professional photographer. Pictures published in Martha Stewart Weddings style. By the way, business-woman and was an organizer of the ceremony.

Wedding was intimate and even homemade, country-style. The couple wanted to have their family and friends to enjoy the true beauty of the American nature, and therefore chose a ranch in Montana. On the menu was simple but tasty food - barbecue, burgers and salads. For dessert served fresh fruit, peach and cherry crumble. Instead, individual cards with a list of food and drinks on the table was just taut tent combo treats.

Most interesting thing in the ceremony - how to take part. Simple table setting with an bribed fresh wildflowers and horseshoes, which was used instead of napkin rings (nothing idea for New Year's table in the year of the horse?). By the way, all the napkins at the dinner table - both paper and textile had Monogram young, and some were even printed their caricature portraits.

Proprietary monogram on that day were everywhere - even in decorative bottles of bourbon . Also, the entire staff of wedding - the waiters, bartenders and others, was dressed in cowboy style jeans, plaid shirts and linen aprons.

Even before the wedding Kate admitted in an interview that her wedding will be unlike any other:

I can tell you so far only one item - it will be completely different from the traditional celebrations, and even promise a lot of drink!

Would you like to spend as your wedding?

First Dance Suite Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish