Dec 25, 2013

Anastasia Volochkova corporate arranged in the bath

Anastasia Volochkova has repeatedly admitted that she is a big fan of warm up. Ballerina so believe in the healing effects of baths and saunas that even corporate his team decided to arrange it in this place.

«In my opinion, corporate team in the bath and a healthy pastime - much better than binge drinking and feasts" - stressed Anastasia Volochkova. So while the rest of the labor collectives choose dresses and costumes, Anastasia staff under the strict guidance of her wearing swimming suits and went to the bath together in the south of Moscow.

Itself Anastasia Volochkova, wearing a flirty red hat, began to share positive experiences. "Contrast ice and hot fonts - this is the best muscle recovery," - said Anastasia. Judging by the happy smiles steamed workers, they were satisfied with the decision of his boss.

However Anastasia Volochkova would not be a, if not pleased with his fans another seductive image. Left only one red cap, Anastasia plunged into the pool, slyly covering neckline brooms

Anastasia Volochkova sent all the bath