Adore You: Miley Cyrus new music video hit the net before time

Two days ago, the network has a new teaser clip for the song Miley Cyrus album Adore You Bangerz. Now at our disposal got full version of the video, but image quality promises to be desired: roller release was scheduled for today, but there was a leak and the creation of the singer snared a day earlier.

Cyrus sure did not expect such a turn of events and will be disappointed, because previously actress wrote on his page on the social network that is waiting impatiently for-video world premiere.

The new clip 21-year-old star has once again appeared in a candid manner, it is not surprising that, in principle, but she sings about love for a man. Really think about Miley's ex-boyfriend - Liam Hemsworth when she wrote these lines?

Baby, can you hear me when I call you?

Know that I need you even more. Baby, I adore you.

Well, congratulations to the singer with the release of the next video, and themselves forward movie in good quality!

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