Dec 9, 2013

50 shades of gray: Dakota Johnson sits on a juice diet

Dakota Johnson

After the start of filming tape "50 shades of gray" in Vancouver 24-year-old Dakota Johnson sat on the juice diet, which is now very popular among Hollywood stars.

According to an insider, the actress and director Sam Taylor-Johnson bought fresh juices cold Spin a local company The Juice Box:

They adore these juices. They designed an exclusive order. Of course, they do not starve, but only drink a couple of bottles a day.

Probably Dakota Johnson gaining strength with difficult and grueling shooting:

Sami shooting will last three months, but the scene will change constantly so that a tight schedule. Sometimes they start work at 6:30 am. Juices help them feel great and maintain a balance of nutrients. They energize, so there is no temptation to pounce on sweet or coffee.

On set Johnson usually drink with lemon juice, ginger, wild flower honey and organic turmeric - either from Hawaii or from Peru - depending on the season.

By the way, Juice Box juices in glass bottles are not cheap: the monthly "subscription" to 40 pieces will cost $ 340.

50 shades of gray

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