Nov 23, 2013

Victoria Bonia: The hardest part - to govern themselves

In May, Victoria Bonia first introduced his family on pages HELLO! - Businessman Alex Smerfita and daughter Angelina. In a candid interview, she talked about her childhood in Krasnokamensk, the road to success, filming TV shows "Tower" and "Beauty on the order." Then Vick admitted that he lives "on a break", and choose between a happy family life in Monaco and numerous projects in Moscow is not going to. This time diva met with reporters in the south of France, in Cannes, where she had come at the invitation of designer Philipp Plein. After the photo session, which took place at his home on the French Riviera, Victoria said that her life has changed in the last six months.

Bonia Victoria with her husband Alex and daughter Angelina

On its own style

Just recently I found old pictures taken in Krasnokamensk train to Moscow. My mom and I went seven days in the city of my dreams. The day before I decided to radically change the image of a brunette dyed blonde, the color turned blue-black. I then had crooked teeth, smile from ear to ear and the nose eyes. During the years in Moscow, I seem to have tried everything - except that not shaved bald. But with the birth of a child a passion for change has come to naught, wanted naturalness. It turned out that my own dark blond hair color, natural make-up and clothes are restrained me the most.

On the nature of success

Dreams come true if they believe. Surprised myself how powerful was my power of thought over the past couple of years. I started a family, had a baby, has participated in several successful projects. However, in the spirit of reason "and it would be nice ..." enough, you need to send a request to space. Of course, we have to make an effort, but it is more work on yourself, rather than the situation. In my world there is no room for negativity or jealousy. When you chop off the superfluous, your connection with the information field is faster thoughts materialize. Uncertainty in their own abilities - this is also negative. "You can control the city or state, but the hardest part - to govern themselves," - said my grandmother. And I completely agree with her.

About fans and associates

I have about two million subscribers in Instagram, among them even have Rihanna! When she signed on my page, I squealed with delight (laughs). I think my secret feedback: I always reply to comments directly communicate with their peers. I'm not an idol to worship me. I myself weaned them from the word "fans", and especially "the fans." Fans can be Michael Jackson, and we minded.


important thoughts I have a dream - to create a women's community with those who are with me on the same wavelength. It is important to learn to think positively, to rejoice another's successes and engage in self-development. My formula for success - to think, say and do the same thing. After all, we usually think of one thing, say another, and do all the third. It destroys our inner balance. When a woman has the energy is directed into one channel, it can move mountains!

On confidence

Confidence came through self-hypnosis. At school, boys never paid attention to me, I have not been contacted valentines were not invited on dates. One even said, "Oh, girl, you have such thin legs as you walk on them? They will not break you?" And after that I did not wear skirts year, only pants. But in the tenth class agreed that the need to fight against complexes. I said to myself: "Do I look good - period." It worked. People began to perceive me as a confident person.

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia