Unbroken: the first footage from the filming of Angelina Jolie

 the first footage from the filming of Angelina Jolie

About two weeks ago in Australia started shooting the film "Unbroken", directed and produced by Angelina Jolie began. The press has already appeared the first photos from the set.

Film is based on the true story of an American athlete Louis Zamperini (with whom Jolie met before filming), played by Alex Russell.

In the first days of filming was working on one of the most dramatic scenes with Russell and two other actors: the plot of their heroes spend 47 days on a raft, where are the crash.

crew located in the Gulf of Moreton Bay, and I must say that the actors had to thoroughly prepare for the work on these scenes: in a few months, they threw off the weight sitting on a strict diet to impress emaciated by hunger and heat.

World Premiere of "Unbroken," in which one of the roles Garrett Hedlund plays, is scheduled for December 25, 2014.


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