Nov 16, 2013

Tina Kandelaki made a big deal

Tina Kandelaki est une journaliste et présentatrice de télévision russe. Le 26 novembre 2006, elle fut impliquée dans un accident de voiture à Nice alors qu'elle était passagère de la Ferrari Enzo conduite par l'homme d'affaires Suleyman Kerimov. Wikipédia

Center for Strategic Communication "The Apostle" Tina Kandelaki announced the acquisition of 35% stake in British branding agency HuntHaggarty for $ 1.3 million is planned that by 2016, the proportion of "Apostle" will be increased to 49%.
Buying shares in a British agency will "apostle" to strengthen the direction of branding and design, as well as begin the formation of an international network.

HuntHuggarty develops customized strategies to promote brands with specific cultural and perception in different countries. Among the partners of the agency - the company Unilever, Motorola, Nokia, Adidas, Google, Revlon, Dell and Coca-Cola. "The Apostle" has already collaborated with HuntHuggarty. British agency implemented the project of re-branding, as well as one of its partners.

In turn, holding "The Apostle" brings together companies working in the areas of media such as PR, digital communications, analytics, branding and design, production graphics, audio and video content. Among the clients of the holding corporation "Rostekhnadzor», Yota, STS, "Aeroflot», Oriflame and others.

Kandelaki in his microblog spoke about buying so:

«Once upon a time, I said that went into business because she was looking for a new development strategy and would not depend neither on whose decisions. That's when my life appeared Basil brow and the company "apostle." For five years, my colleagues and I worked constantly, rarely slept more than 5 hours a day, but our business is growing rapidly - this applies to clients, staff, revenue, scale and complexity of the goals of our project ...

Founder and CEO HuntHaggarty Steve Haggarty - a true professional and amazingly talented man. For me, the acquisition of a 35% stake HuntHaggarty - a symbolic Rubicon. Thus we have expanded not only its geographical presence, but also their competence ... We have global ambitions, and is confident that in the near future you will hear no more about a major deal, "Apostle," as in Russia and abroad ... "