Nov 12, 2013

the new :VIA Gra 'Armistice'

November 12, the premiere of the first clip of the new composition of the group "VIA Gra", which is the producer Konstantin Meladze. Eric Herceg, Michael and Anastasia Romanova Kozhevnikov presented to the audience a video for the song "Truce».

It is worth noting that the movie, directed by Alan Badoev, in the spirit of "VIA Gra" - sexy outfits, big plans fire-dancing, provocative poses ... In the video, the girl beautiful female warriors, requiring the representatives of the stronger sex truce: "I want a truce. Who without you in this world am I? "

Recall the new "VIA gras" was the trio of Hope Granovsky (Meyher). Eric Herceg, Michael and Anastasia Romanova Kozhevnikov thanks to the voices of the TV project spectators were new faces one of the most popular female pop groups in Russia and Ukraine.

A few months producer Konstantin Meladze with colleagues in front of the whole country is going to the new composition of "VIA Gra". Had selected from 15,000 contestants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"I am very pleased with the choice of the public, while all six finalists are equally close to me and the road, and each of them is worthy of place in the group - shared his impressions after the project Konstantin Meladze. - Mike, Eric and Nastya - very promising, versatile and creative people. I think they will be able to continue and enhance the success of our team, to soak up the best traditions, passed to them by former participants, and make new colors to the modern stage. "