Nov 25, 2013

The Egyptians were not allowed Beyonce to the Great Pyramid

Beyonce, Egypt,

American singer Beyonce was planning to get to the Great Pyramids of Giza, however, dream pop diva did not come true: former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Havaas drove actress and her bodyguard and personal photographer to tour because of the "rudeness" of the star.

According Havaasa, Beyonce behaved disrespectfully:

Most people with whom I go on tour, very nice people, some of them even became my friends. But this lady ... 

She said she would come to three hours, but it was too late. Then I said she should apologize, but she did not open his mouth.

Furthermore, an archaeologist and historian of ancient Egypt added that usually accompanies a group excursion staff photographer who shoots all the tourists. However, the singer chose to use the services of their own, and when a tour photographer started shooting it, Beyonce bodyguard forbade him to do so.

This is where patience and snapped Havaasa: man asked actress and accompanying people to leave:

I told her that if she allows herself is ignorant behavior, I do not want to see it on your hike.

And in addition, a man named world star "stupid":

I said Beyonce that she is stupid, and left.

Well, the singer is not the first celebrity who gets into an unfortunate incident in another country. Some time ago a similar thing happened with Rihanna: singer kicked out of the Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayed Road in the UAE capital for the arranged shoot it.