Nov 6, 2013

The daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky remains in serious condition

Maria after the accident so never once came to life for 25 days.

October 12 director Andrei Konchalovsky and his family had an accident in the suburbs of Marseille (France). 14-year-old daughter of Andrew and his wife, Julia Vysotsky suffered the most. As it turned out, she was not wearing a seat belt. The girl was in serious condition were evacuated by helicopter to one of the French clinics where for her life continue to fight the best specialists.

Maria to be in serious but stable condition and 25 days never regained consciousness.

Vysotsky and Konchalovsky not comment on the ill-fated car accident.

Recall, October 12 Andrei Konchalovsky lost control and drove into the oncoming lane, where head-on collided with the oncoming car.