Nov 19, 2013

Taylor Swift meets with Douglas Booth?

23-year-old singer Taylor Swift has arranged a secret rendezvous with a 21-year-old British male model and actor Douglas Booth, who plays the lead role - Romeo - in a new film adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet".

According to insiders, this weekend a couple had lunch in a London pub:

They booked a private area and disappeared from view. One of the employees of establishments stood outside and controlled so that no one even comes close to Taylor and Douglas. When he left, they were laughing and joking. From a distance they looked like a happy couple in love.

Source said very naughty parts:

They were not parted for a single moment. Swift and Booth went to the restroom alone. However, the booths were separated! In general, they spent a few hours in the pub.

Recall that last boyfriend Taylor was a singer Harry Styles, and Booth relationship with actress Vanessa Kirby.

Swift representative confirmed her lunch with Douglas, but not a romantic relationship.

wonder what will happen next?