Nov 30, 2013

Sharon Stone and Martin Scorsese Film Festival in Morocco

Sharon Stone and Martin Scorsese Film Festival in Morocco

On the eve of the opening of the Marrakech 13th International Film Festival of Moroccan, which were the main guests Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese, Marion Cotillard and Patricia Clarkson.

Director Martin Scorsese was the president of the jury. Speaking at the scene, he said:

I glad to be home again - back to Marrakech. By the way, I shot two films here. Today we are witnessing an extremely important event for the world of cinema, which can be judged only on the list of participants Festival. So many talented people!

Moroccan Film Festival Opening and gathered all the jury members: directors Paolo Sorrentino, Amat Escalante, Anurag Kashiyapa, author of "Oldboya" Park Chan-wook, and many others.

Note that Sharon Stone at the opening of the festival received an award for his contribution to cinema. Martin Scorsese, inviting her to the scene, said:

Sharon Stone - a truly beautiful woman, gorgeous, charming and fearless actress! She's a real star. When Sharon comes into the room, energy changes immediately.

Once the guests were shown slicing of the best films featuring Stone, the actress stood on stage in a black evening dress and danced to the song Love is strange duo Mickey & Sylvia. Audience burst into applause.

Sharon received an honorary award for his contribution to cinema and the beginning of his speech so:

I flew from India to Morocco with her three children when she heard two words: "Martin Scorsese." Martin once told me: "Do what you believe in and are familiar with." I love the movie for what on the screen you can feel yourself in the place of another person. Film Festival in Morocco gives us a chance to bring people of all nationalities, to feel the atmosphere of peace and compassion in a Muslim country. I am particularly grateful to receive the award during this period of history.

By the way, Scorsese worked with Sharon in the movie "Casino" in 1996, and the band brought the actress award "Golden Globe".

In During the Film Festival in Morocco public can evaluate approximately 110-minute films from 23 countries. But the battle for the top honors is limited to 15-Tew paintings, including "How I live now" Kevin Macdonald, "bad hair" Mariana Rondon, "Traitors" Sean Gulletta and "Fever" Hiram Ayyusha.

In addition, The festival will celebrate especially Scandinavia, which is considered to be the region with the fastest growing film industry.

closing ceremonies held on December 7.

Sharon Stone and Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

Sharon Stone

Marion Cotillard

Clotilde Kuro

Francois Cluzet and Nariss Cluzet

Nini Pierre and Natasha Andrews

Patricia Clarkson and Fatih Akin

Patricia Clarkson

Moroccan Film Festival Opening