Nov 8, 2013

Selena Gomez on the pages of Flaunt Magazine

Selena Gomez on the pages of Flaunt Magazine

In 21-year-old Selena Gomez millions of fans who love the creativity of the singer. The girl does not need to shock his fans to keep their love, but the young star still sometimes surprises the public. So, the actress became the heroine of the latest issue Flaunt Magazine, which appeared in an unusual way for themselves.

Gomez not only took part in a photo shoot, but said in an interview about some of the details of his life.


Obviously, I made many mistakes, because I'm human. I had to go through all this. I think that everyone should make their own mistakes.
About the future:

I hope that my work has left its contribution to the film and music industries ... Oh, my God. I do not know. I hope that by the age of 30 I'll be really happy.
About Mysteries:

If I showed the public all their hand, then nothing would be left for me the most, my friends and family.
By the way, the new photoset Gomez turned out pretty sexy - languid eyes, lacy underwear ... Although, according to the singer, the surrounding constantly told her otherwise.