Nov 27, 2013

Sandra Bullock: I am the same vain and selfish as all the actors

Sandra Bullock

For his role in the film "Gravity" Sandra Bullock enterteynerom recognized according to the magazine Entertainment Weekly. In an interview after the awarding 49-year-old Sandra Bullock confessed that she is not devoid of drawbacks ambitious people. According to her, it is the same vain, selfish and capricious, like all actors.

I pick on every little thing in their work. Yes, I am an actress - vain, selfish creature, like all artists. Selfishness manifested, literally, all over. Every day you have to work on yourself and harnessing their whims. I am very proud of the experience that got on the set of "Gravity" Alfonso Cuaron. Since it was so simple, I was afraid of nothing. If he told me to climb to the bottom of a 10-meter water tank, I just said "okay, I'll sit there and will climb all day".

This year has been truly successful at Bullock - in addition to "Gravity", the actress starred in the popular comedy "Cops in skirts", which critics have dubbed "summer blockbuster in 2013." Before that Sandra was almost a two-year interval between shots - the last work was the adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close" in 2011.

Sandra Bullock