Nov 17, 2013

Russell Brand has changed Jemima Khan with a model?

Russell Brand never very faithfully, but now he seems to have hit its own record: we were hardly two weeks ago to find out about the affair actor and 39-year-old socialite and political activist Jemima Khan, as there is information about the change.

23-year-old model Sophie Cody gave an interview to Sun On Sunday:

We met with the brand back in August. Now we again bye. Of course, he has the image of a sex god, but he was so thoroughly worked over him! In my opinion, a little too. All his shocking antics, of course, sexy, but too artificial. In general, he took a sample of Christian Gray of the "50 shades of gray".

Next model said:

In real life, Russell Brand clumsy and not at all clever. I think he started to look after me, as I am much younger than him and Russell loves to feel a man's strength. I feel sorry for the poor Jemima!

Was learned that the 38-year-old actor attempted to meet Sophie Coady in June, he found her in the social network and began to comment on all the photos of the girl, trying to make contact. The model recognizes that did not want to have any relationship with the brand, but in the end could not resist.

From the very first meeting Katy Perry's ex-husband asked her questions about past sexual experiences and shared his. One day, he woke up at 6 am Sophie that she meditated with him.

Note that just two days ago, Brand was interviewed Alan Carr and commented on the relationship with Jemima Khan:

I am so happy and in love! Now every night I loved, and not in some bar.

Representative of the actor has not commented on the information about the change.