Nov 7, 2013

Russell Brand and Jemima Khan really together

Rumors of a romance Russell Brand and Jemima Khan went in early October, and now they seem to be confirmed: a new pair bestowed with the London show documentary Unmanned: America's drone wars on the use of unmanned technology U.S. Air Force.

Socialite and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Grant Jemima Khan modestly hugged Brenda's waist, posing in front of photographers. Russell is constantly throwing at her languid eyes and did not let go of herself on a step.

39-year-old Khan was dressed in tight leather pants and a gray T-shirt and 38-year-old Russell chose tight black jeans, a black jacket and black and white shirt, which effectively opened up his chest.

Note that a few days ago, the former husband Katy Perry announced that meets the new girl. And Jemima posted a Twitter photo of Russell with her own dog. So now things are finally in place: Brand new love - Jemima Khan.

Remind Russell Brand divorced Katy Perry back in 2011 and since then has been in active search. Jemima split from her husband - cricketer Imran Khan in 2004, and then found happiness in the arms of Hugh Grant.

Congratulations to the newly made pair!