Nov 8, 2013

'Robocop' Joel Kinnaman in the new trailer

'Robocop' Joel Kinnaman in the new trailer

The network has a second official trailer for the remake of the same movie Paul Verhoeven's 1987 "Robocop." Participation in the set of pictures taken by Joel Kinnaman, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, and other actors.
In the center of the story of a policeman Alex Murphy. The man was seriously injured. To save his life his robotehnicheskom involved in the experiment. Now guardians of the law is subject to any difficult situation, because he was not quite human - he's a superhero Robocop. His goal policing and crime.

Directed sci-fi thriller was made by the winner of the Berlin Film Festival, Jose Padilla.

Release the picture was originally scheduled for August 9 this year, but eventually the premiere date has been changed. Now we will see an exciting band until February 2014.

'Robocop' Joel Kinnaman