Renee Zellweger: Allegations of unfair anorexia

Renee Zellweger

On a recent evening Giorgio Armani Renee Zellweger surprised the other guests a mild, barely noticeable change in appearance.

Immediately rumors of cosmetic surgery, followed by once again raised, and another issue - the likely eating disorders star.

Tired of the endless discussions of its own weight, the actress has decided to comment on the state of his health, in an interview, saying:

It makes me very sad every time I read that I starve or anorexia. All of these charges are unfair!

Not much of a pleasure to read that you throws to extremes. Way of life that I lead, assumes the care of the state of his body and mental health.
Well, I want to believe that the celebrity really well, and her desire to adopt a child has nothing to do with the fact that due to the excessive hobbies athletic exercises and thinness she can not conceive themselves.

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