Nov 10, 2013

Prude Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, as it turned out, not only beautiful, smart and talented person (actress tipped "Oscar" for "Gravity"), she is also surprisingly modest, that, you, paints her even more!

Recently paparazzi were able to film in Los Angeles, here's what mileyshuyu scene: Sandra hurried to the restaurant Craig's, when I saw at the entrance of Hollywood legend, two-time "Oscar" Sidney Poitier - Actor stood and chatted with friends.

Sandra brought up as a fan , was on the sidelines and waited until the end of Poitiers dialogue. She then took an idol by the elbow and you would not believe, before him! Yes, yes, and said, "Hello! My name is Sandra Bullock. " This was followed by a touching acceptance in every respect and adoration, bows, handshakes and other-)

look - it's really very nice!