Nov 19, 2013

Prince Harry began his journey to the South Pole

Yesterday morning, Prince Harry left his home in London to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, and from there the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II will be forwarded to the Russian Antarctic station Novolazarevskaya. It was there to begin an adventure heir to the British throne, he went camping with former soldiers who had been wounded during armed conflicts.

The Prince will take part in a charity project Walking with the Wounded: Harry becomes a member of one of the three teams that have to go 300 kilometers, overcoming all the difficulties that they had prepared for unfriendly Antarctica.

Member of the royal family to lead a British band, and will become the leader of the American Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. Commonwealth team will lead the British actor Dominic West.

Presumably this trip will last about 16 days, but due to the unpredictable Antarctic weather changes may be made to the schedule.

Recall that Prince Harry was getting ready for a long time this expedition. Monarch even visited the training center MIRA, where he passed a course of preparation for an upcoming trip to the South Pole: in a special room where the temperature was maintained at minus 35 degrees Celsius, Harry and travel partners trained to install tents and withstand physical exertion in cold conditions.