Nov 23, 2013

Prince Harry arrives in Antarctica

Prince Harry arrived in Antarctica to take part in a charity expedition to the South Pole. At the Russian station "Novolazarevskaya" he will hold a few days to acclimatise and get used to the new conditions. Note that the trip had to be postponed for two days because of the storm at the South Pole.

Despite the fact that a month ago 29-year-old Harry broke his toe, he decided to carry out difficult and dangerous journey. A real man!

In early December in Antarctica will begin competition in the battles between the affected soldiers from Britain, the U.S., Australia and Canada. Length 335-kilometer expedition to the South Pole - as much as 16 days.

Prince Harry has long been preparing for the trip, he spent a day in a freezer at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. In 2011, Harry won the North Pole.

So it is next Friday Prince Harry begins to explore the South Pole.