Nov 20, 2013

Pregnant Julia Vysotsky is on duty at the bedside of her daughter

Julia Vysotsky keeps watch at the bedside of her daughter, Mary, who is in a coma for more than forty days after the accident in France. The press wrote that the actress is in the seventh month of pregnancy, but not for a moment does not leave my daughter alone.

Other details about the state of Masha's still not. Recall that, together with Andrei Konchalovsky Julia asked journalists not to ask too many questions in such a difficult period. Therefore, the media asking questions of the other.

For example, the press asked for comments to Russian physicians. "What we have: basal skull fracture, brain contusion, a fracture of the cervical vertebrae? In each case the forecast, "- said vice-president of the Association of Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory and head of the Russian Scientific Center of Neurology Victor Gnezditsky.

" Well, if the girl opens her eyes, responds to pain, their own breathing. If it is on mechanical ventilation, it may be stagnant fluid in the lungs that leads to pneumonia, but is dangerous. Month in a coma - it's a lot, but some returns to full-fledged existence were. No need to lose hope, "- he said.

In turn, the neurosurgeon Igor Borshchenko said that coma is a protective inhibition. "If a man lives, even while in a coma - that's good. Especially, it is a young body "- he believes.

For its part, the neurologist Anna Shestakov hopes that French doctors had Mary prompt assistance. "In cases of head injuries is very important," - she said.