Nov 27, 2013

Paris Jackson will in rehab years

Good news and bad at the same time: Paris Jackson, who came after a suicide attempt in a boarding school in Utah, it was better. But! Problems in 15-year-old daughter in the King Michael Jackson is still so much that, apparently, it is delayed in this place not even a month, but for years ...

Paris, do you remember the summer sent in boarding Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah - a specialized school and medical facility for troubled teens who survived a great sorrow and staying depressed. Relatives Paris believes that the girl had still not recovered from the death of his father, followed in 2009.

The other day, Paris was once a family therapy session: the girl was in a doctor's office in a boarding school, and her grandmother Katherine and Debbie Rowe mom talked to them on the phone. A positive consequence of this session is as follows - Paris in January for a few days be allowed to go home, but then she comes back to the orphanage, and he will be her second home is still very long. We are talking about years ...

Note stay in Diamond Ranch Academy since not everyone can afford - month stay in Paris its walls costing her relatives in $ 14,000, but for the sake of the health of their little girls they are ready to pay.