Nov 16, 2013

Olga showed Buzova wedding photo

Olga Buzova shared with fans a photograph taken during her wedding with Dmitry Tarasov. "What I want most to get where only you and me, darling!" - Said the TV presenter.

She complained that she and Dimitri only one full vacation a year, so they are leaving for a vacation just the two. "Many couples do not understand us, but we really do not need anyone," - added Olga.

"There is still a lot of work, hops, different cities, shooting ... And then ... our paradise. In the photo with your loved almost a year ago, when we played a wedding in the Maldives, "- concluded Buzova.

Commentators, as usual, in awe. "Cool! I love the Maldives! And we had a wedding in the Dominican Republic, was also very cool! "- Confessed to one of the readers. "My dream: I, my husband, son - in the Maldives," - said another. "I want these bright relations" - said the third)

"We are also always loved traveling together, so it is what you mean," - told another fan of Olga.