Nov 5, 2013

Odessa Barbie turns the mother of his twin

Valery Lukyanov,Odessa Barbie

Senior Warrant Officer was wearing a mini-skirt and cast a bright make-up.

Odessa Barbie Valery Lukyanov increasingly began to spread in social networks blond photos of his mother, who over the years younger and becoming more and more like a friend of his eldest daughter. The eyes of women has increased, widened, became more blue, knotted wings of the nose, there was a small waist and chest increased markedly. As it turned out, two years ago, Irina Pashkeeva listened to the advice of his daughter - decided to find doll shape and become more beautiful.

- First Mom took her meals, - explained the "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine" Valery. - She became a vegetarian, and then, just as I switched to a raw food diet. The results you can see for yourself - there thinness, improved skin color, body became more youthful.

Valery Lukyanov,Odessa Barbie
The woman lost 7 pounds. Photo: social networks
If it used to height 167 cm mom weighed 58 kg, but now it weighs less than 51 kg. In this case, Barbie says that her mother did not resort to the help of plastic surgeons. To emphasize a marked depletion Pashkeeva updated wardrobe - to replace the jackets and loose trousers came covered with jeans, short skirts, form-fitting dresses. According to Valerie, my mother's friends often make her remarks, saying that she dresses for his age, and far too brightly painted.

- I explain to my mother that she just jealous, and it should only listen to my advice, - said Lukyanov.

Valery Lukyanov,Odessa Barbie
Pashkeeva listened to the advice of his daughter and changed the image. Photo: social networks
Irina herself on his page on the social networks noted that should never pay much attention to the insults or praise. May offend out of envy and praise of pity. By the way, now, "Barbie Mom" ​​is engaged in private business. Over the years, a psychologist by training was a military - a senior warrant officer.