Nov 27, 2013

Nigel Lawson every few years taking drugs

TV presenter Nigel Lawson again in the center of the scandal - former assistant star said that she was in for 10 years is a drug addict.

Sisters Francesca and Elizabeth Grillo, former assistant Nigel and her ex-husband, billionaire Charles Saatchi, were in court on charges of embezzling 300 thousand pounds. There, they said that in fact the money Nigel paid them voluntarily - so she bought their silence. Nigel did not want her husband learned that she abused cocaine, prescription drugs and other similar substances.

The court was also read email Lawson former husband Charles Saatchi, in which he states that he believes the sisters Grillo.

Grilo says Nigel itself allows them to spend their money. [...] And now I have no reason not to trust them.

Recall divorce Charles Saatchi and Nigel Lawson was preceded by a scandal. Press photographed public quarrel couple on the porch of their favorite restaurant. According to witnesses, at one point Saatchi began to choke his wife.

After the scandal in the press, Saatchi tried to justify. He said that the strangulation only one only looked the part, that's actually not as easy as it may seem, and his wife was crying just because he does not like fighting. Nigel refused all comment, and soon after the incident, the couple filed for divorce.