Nov 3, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger: new mind-blowing output in London!

Nicole Scherzinger new mind-blowing

Attention lioness freedom! Last night (Saturday, November 2), Nicole Scherzinger was spotted is again a full army of paparazzi in the northern district of London. The Juror's famous talent show X-Factor just came out of the recording studios where the show was heading Mayfair Cuckoo Club to celebrate the end of the night with his colleagues! A weekend fun and alcoholic perspective ...

Primed a pretty skin-tight black dress, star of 35 years has displayed all smiles for the cameras as she was escorted by his bodyguard. Disguised as a skeleton, he had found the right parade to avoid getting flash alongside the singer, three days after Halloween, costumes are recycled as well! Visibly thinner since its delicate break with Lewis Hamilton, Nicole but seemed in great shape. Hair bulging, shiny curls and eyelashes XXL, the former leader of the famous Pussycat Dolls had left the big game!

Noticed this week at the Halloween party hosted by Jonathan Ross, the English star had recovered arms his great friend Kate Moss for fun as a little crazy. For the occasion, she had drawn very sexy Catwoman costume. An outfit that does not finally moves away from his usual appearances too ... Glamour yes, rash, no!

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