Nov 8, 2013

Naomi Campbell recommends fasting once a week

Naomi Campbell is confident that discovered the secret of youth. Supermodel believes that it needs just a week to arrange fasting days. "Everything we eat so much variety of food that we do not just need to have at least once a week. It perfectly cleanses the intestines. I think it can extend your life, "quoting one of the most beautiful women in the world edition of the Telegraph.

43-year-old Naomi admitted that she is now trying to eat and drink in moderation. At this her decision was influenced by the fact that her mother Valerie Morris battled breast cancer. "I try to do everything in moderation. Now I do not drink alcohol and do not eat chicken and pork. When your family happens to cancer, you become more attentive to what you eat ».

Way, diet concept familiar to even the possessor of such a gorgeous figure, like Naomi Campbell. It turns out that before showing Versace supermodel was forced to fast for 10 days to look good on the catwalk.