Nov 27, 2013

Nain Gnomych branché Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya shared new photos of his little son Sasha, better known by the nickname Dwarf Gnomych. "Where is my mother's nose?" - Signed as a picture in which the baby shows the correct answer))

"Yanochka, I am really glad for you! As well, everything in life you have is wonderful and you are happy! This is evident by the way you look! Suppose you always so shine your eyes! Love is so adorns a woman! And looking at you, and we all just want to move forward and to dare and do and love "- written Rudkovskaya enthusiastic readers.

" How nice to look at such a luxurious mom and son - a miracle! I wish you happiness, "- say the fans and added:" Mom - just a bomb! A malyshulya - kewpie doll! I wish you happiness and health! "

Other photographs Dwarf Gnomych diligently plug mom mouth))" Not greedy, expensive shares "- joking commentators. "Very family photo, you are beautiful as always)) And nice little gnome))," - they believe.

But there were a spiteful critics. "Stars do not wear home clothes?))) Always in shoes and dresses?)))" - They are interested.

Third photo Yana signed as follows: "Just ate! By the way, the whole day engaged with Gnome Gnomchem very important things! While we will not declassify them! "

Readers offered several versions. In particular, they decided that Ian and Sasha prepared gifts for the New Year. Or participated in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine.