Nov 6, 2013

Miley Cyrus wrote a love letter to Liam Hemsworth

In mid-September the fans of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been sorely disappointed: it became known that stars a rift relations and the long-awaited engagement couples had to cancel.

Since then, Liam has devoted his spare time his film career, but Miley has gone To White Castle: girl not only has released a series of provocative videos and continues to shock the audience with their performances, she also began to disappear at parties ...

Now, however, the singer began to understand that her behavior alienated lover. According to the source close to the young star, Cyrus has decided to rectify the situation:

It took some time, anger, and anger subsided. Miley started to feel the pain that caused her breakup with Liam.
 At first she wanted to write a few songs in which I could express my feelings, but then I decided, why not write a letter to Liam himself, in which she would have asked for forgiveness and said she now feels.

In addition, the singer realized her feelings for Hemsworth are still strong enough:

In his letter, Miley said the ex-boyfriend that still loves him. She asked him about the meeting, which could put an end to their relationship, or be the beginning of a new chapter of love. Whatever it was, she wanted to see him and talk about everything that excites her.
Recall that in the present Hemsworth already found a replacement for Cyrus: if you believe the rumors, his new choice was a 23-year-old Mexican actress Ace Gonzalez and singer. Miley also credited with an affair with her producer.