Nov 18, 2013

Mickey Mouse is celebrating its 85th anniversary.

Today, Mickey Mouse is celebrating its 85th anniversary. In honor of this holiday studio Disney is cooked over a small gift: an excerpt from a new short animated film "Horse-fire".

Fully cartoon can be seen on December 12, his show in front of a full-length animated film "Cold Heart." Who remembers the studio for a long time there was such a tradition to precede large cartoon showing small - and they are no less legendary and beloved than a full meter. "Horse-Fire" - black-and-white of the summer, in which Mickey Mouse speaks of the voice of Walt Disney. Mickey and his girlfriend Minnie undisputed go for a ride on a cart in the company of Horace Horskollara and Cows Klarabel. Friends have fun, laugh and sing while on their way not appear legged Pete, who is trying to push them off the road. As a result, Mickey Minnie loses sight and must be smart to bring back his beloved.

The cartoon combines the classic black-and-white animation and modern technology. The style of the classic black-and-white animated film in 1928 recreated some of the best animators of our time and organically supplemented by computer graphics and 3D technologies. This experience is a combination of traditional and modern technology has brought the studio prize Academy Award "Oscar" in 2012 for the short film "Paper Romance". The film's director Lauren McMullan became the first woman directed the short film about Mickey Mouse.