Nov 10, 2013

Marion Cotillard has stood up for Reese Witherspoon

Marion Cotillard does not seem enthusiastic about the American sense of humor. The Frenchwoman was hurt offensive jokes presenter Chelsea Handler, Reese Witherspoon scoffed at because of her inappropriate behavior while drunk.

Whole ugly story unfolded at the Award winning magazine Elle, where just attended all three heroines. Remembering the arrest and shouting, "Hey, you do not know who I am?" Chelsea mocked Reese, podnachivaya jokes on various public okoloalkogolnuyu subject than angered Marion sensitive to the depth of her soul:

Marion barely restrained when Chelsea began to joke on "drunken arrest" Reese. She was stunned that someone dares to mock the celebrity level Witherspoon publicly. She found American women rude and vulgar.

By the way, the news has stirred up the American blogs, opinions which are divided: some argue that this-that is the power of the Americans - the ability to adequately and humorously refer to someone or, regardless of their status, while others ask AKTIS not equate one size fits all.

Marion Cotillard has stood up for Reese Witherspoon 

Marion Cotillard

Chelsea Handler